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Koh Samui Rencontre

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Trendy music, friendly staff and hangout place for locals and tourists for a drink and a chat. Are we missing a new venue or has a business closed? Bungalows, just beyond Lemon Bar see directions above.

Ayuttaya / Ayutthaya

Located next to Paradise Complex in Patong. Samui offer more as just a Massage for men - we care about your health! Add your review, comment, or correction. The gay massage just outside our hotel was amazing. Most of the gay-friendly venues are located in Kai Bae beach. This internet portal is a cooperation between all gay venues on Koh Samui. Add your review, comment, or correction Click here for Koh Phangan hotels and accommodations.

Ou 13 janv Voyage à Koh Samui-Lalimentation thaïlandaise. Occidental et souvent accompagnée de sauces aussi diverses que variées, elle rencontre Gay koh samui. Related sauna gay gay sauna. Gay amateur sur lieux rencontre.

Rencontre avec le Général darmée Tanasak Patimapragorn, chef détat major des Armées. Rencontre avec le 12 oct Il existe beaucoup de sites dédiés à Koh Samui Koh Phangan mais aucun site sur. Inde-Mariage bis et rencontre à Varanasi Koh Samui est lune des destinations balnéaires les plus prisées de Thaïlande. Située dans le golfe du Siam, cette ile est réputée pour ses cocotiers, ses plages Les amoureux de Koh Samui me pardonneront. Seulement deux photos de.

Parmi les plus faibles jamais rencontre dans le Royaume. Bref je nai même pas Qui a dit que deux nouveaux costauds. Rencontre entre gay site de rencontre entre gay. Still relatively undeveloped due to its pristine interior of tropical jungle and aquatic environment designated as a National Marine Park, Koh Chang and the dozens of picturesque islands ringing it have now been discovered by tourists and tourism developers. You can still find cheap little bungalows right on the beaches here and its close proximity to Pattaya 2.

Most of the island's gay-friendly venues are located in Kai Bae. You may want to drive onto the island, via the minute ferry at Laem Gnop, so that you can explore the various beaches, waterfalls, and rural communities. Some beaches are more active like Samui with bars and restaurants along beach , other beaches are much more quiet and provide a relaxing escape.

Certainly a lovely place for romance. Most of the gay-friendly venues are located in Kai Bae beach. The scene here is unlike elsewhere in Thailand: Wind down and get into the tropical groove.

Many of Koh Chang's little bars and hang-outs go to sleep during Low Season Mar-Oct , and, as a result, the clubs mentioned below may or may not be active, or even open, if you visit during those months. We hear reports of closures, but it's hard to know whether those are permanent or simply seasonal Come here in the early evenings for the fresh catch of the day.

Add your review, comment, or correction Funky Hut Resort Thai and international Dan Kao Beach northeast side of the island, 1 km from the car ferry pier , Fantastic food and warm, personal attention from owners Chris and his lovely wife, Khun Oh. Lie back on pillows with a fruit shake or tropical cocktail and watch the fishing boats bob on the waves at this quiet beach.

Try the crab or potato cakes. Bungalows, just beyond Lemon Bar see directions above. Gay-friendly open-air restaurant serves up great food for lunch and dinner! Movies play each evening. Pex and Pon run this friendly, open-air hang-out. Layers of colorful decor have survived a number of holidays.

It is best known for the monthly Full Moon Party held on Haad Rin Beach, attracting thousands of partygoers from all over the world since the mids. But Koh Phangan is much more than its parties.

It is a truly unique destination, combining an active ecological approach due to its well-protected flora and fauna, as well as attracting a growing number of eco-conscious gays who also enjoy a night out.

The island boasts a stunning wealth of natural beauty - most of it is a National Park preserve offering challenging hikes with incredible views. Triathlons and mountain bike races are regular occurances.

The diving around Koh Phangan is stunning, with easy access to beautiful coral reefs. The community of Koh Phangan is famous for its "R"espect motto. Visitors will quickly relate to this very special ambience found in nature, the parties, and through its people.

The locals on this open minded, good-vibes-island of Thailand are eager to protect and sustain its well balanced ecology. Koh Phangan has become a prime green and ecological destination with well preserved landscapes and many eco-businesses and projects.

The island has a much smaller gay scene than Phuket and Samui, but it is just right for those looking for something a little more quiet except, of course, during the full moon. Haad Rin, where the parties take place, is a very popular beach. Good gay cruising spots are at the extreme ends of the beach, where it's more quiet. Most of the guys there are younger Europeans and Australians, with a good amount of Thai mixed in. There are gay operated bars and BnBs, as well as gay eco-resorts.

Social media offers some connections for fun and hanging-out. Gay are welcome and appreciated everywhere. If you are looking for a way to combine a good time with an ecological tropical paradise, Koh Phangan is well worth a visit!

Hike with a real jungle man and learn all about the medicinal value of the local plants; learn how to perform fire spinning or how to dance like a Thai with a private instructor; or simply enjoy a romantic dinner on a private beach. Enjoy one-to-one conversations with the special characters of this island, who share their life and passions with eager explorers.

Add your review, comment, or correction Click here for Koh Phangan hotels and accommodations. A perfect spot to begin or end a fun night out. Popular burgers and French crepes. Its open-minded approach creates a convivial atmosphere for both gay and straight guests alike.

They also have an upstairs guesthouse with cozy rooms. Great for sunsets, the place is known for its live music and beach fire shows on Sun, and also for its beautiful French hosts, Melanie and Karinne, who will make sure your stay is memorable.

A great choice of delicious wines, platter of cheeses, deli items, roast duck legs , salads and much more. Popular for the gay community on Sun. They also offer cozy bungalows close to the beach. Add your review, comment, or correction Gay beach located to the left south side of Secret Beach Hadson Beach on the west side of the island.

The first small beach is usually the gay beach, whereas the second one has an open-minded nudist crowd. The small beach attracts a young, gay crowd, especially on weekends, and its nearby beach bar ensures that nobody runs dry. Click here for Koh Samet hotels and accommodations. Click here for Koh Tao hotels and accommodations. Gay bar in the Sairee area, not far from the beach. Trendy music, friendly staff and hangout place for locals and tourists for a drink and a chat. The population of Krabi is about 25, that's about 1, Utopians.

They are very happy to provide gay and lesbian tour information, where available. Accommodation, transfers and island hopping may be arranged. Nightlife and recommendations for restaurants in Krabi. Quality can vary, so it is a good idea to bring your own supplies. Are we missing a new venue or has a business closed? Or has something changed and we've not yet updated our pages? Please use this form to let us know.

We really appreciate your feedback. Want us to add your business? Want to add an event? Travel Gay Asia - Travel, entertainment and lifestyle guide for gay Asia: Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and more..

Phuket has a few gay saunas and massage spas for men. Most venues are located in the Paradise Complex. Aquarius Sauna audience rating 2. Massage and body scrub service available. Phuket Gay Massage Spas. Aquarius Massage audience rating 2. Private rooms with shower available. The very simple and effective way to avoid HIV is to always use a condom.

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rencontre gay thailande

All Models are 18 and older. Aquarius Sauna audience rating 2.

rencontre gay thailande

Surreal folk-art garden of sculpted mythical and spiritual figures, some 5 stories high! They offer first class service between the plane and the hotel, for arrivals, departures and transit, no matter which airline or class of travel is being used. Posts Tagged Koh Samui.

rencontre gay thailande

If there rejcontre, it rencontre gay thailande Gay-friendly open-air restaurant serves up great food for lunch and dinner! Renvontre limited resources are aimed at Thai speakers, rencontre gay thailande they occasionally plan social, educational, or travel events that welcome visiting woman. Yes, most visitors are local, but that's also why I came here. Today, the spa has fully certified therapists, offering a range of Thai, oil, cream and 4-hand treatments. Vieux gay ne se font pas prier pour dégainer leurs raides-Rencontre avec la population locale: Gay amateur sur lieux rencontre.