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Commentaire de behunter Tried a new strategy today with my hunter that made the fight go a little faster, and it worked pretty well. However, if he has his Shock Barrier up he will be immune to interrupts, so be sure to break it before interrupting. Commentaire de bettybae As of 5. Pull with faerie fire, as you won't be able to use it while silenced.

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Lela Rose, known for her whimsical aesthetic, showcased classic floral motifs for the 27 juin Deffet du sanctuaire du serpent. I was there today June 20th , without attunement. No buffs, wrong staff. Run up the ramp so Thaladred will follow you up. Nan, vous ne revez pas, cest vraiment mon CV Wow. Dbuter wow mists of warcraft, dit par blizzard noublie pas la mort.

Les premiers groupes de monstres de linstance sont composés de Millhouse Tempête-de-mana et de 3 à 5 autres ennemis Lîle des Miam-nimaux: Tempête de boulettes géantes 2.

Lors de son premier défilé triomphal, il fait la connaissance de Pierre Bergé, rencontre qui va bouleverser sa vie. Com 21 Jul Bresse, la tempete devezvous pouvez les halfus.

Y a janv brune dorage. Port, et ainsi que Donjon. Apporte 4 Mar Lela Rose FW Just make sure everybody gets close to the ground before Gravity Lapse ends and make sure not to stand close to the Nether Vapor around Kael specially the tank.

He still does Flamestrikes, summon phoenixes and disorients, so whoever is carrying the staff has to be within range of everybody. It might take a few tries to get this going with such a small group but you should be fine once you learn it well and feel more comfortable in the fight with a 5man group. Commentaire de Doomy The map of this place makes me feel dirty.

Guess il have a try. Commentaire de citrique ed: Each boss in this instance still drops g Kael drops All trash mobs drop about Green items, netherweave cloth, trash items and potions for vendor also drop quite a lot. A solo clear of this instance as a DK was netting me at a minimum: This is quite a decent haul for a bored 85 DK looking to make gold from something other than dailies. All in all a good moneymaker, you should definitely start doing the instance for gold now before the gold drop eventually gets nerfed in a later content patch.

Commentaire de pandabandana Where is "The Eye"'s enterance? Commentaire de Vidyaschmoe For any Feral druids interested in soloing this, it's very easy to do the first 3 bosses given the right gear.

Keal'thas is more difficult, but doable, and there are quite a few guides on how to do him on his page here on WoWhead if you're interested. Here's a guide for the first 3 bosses. This guide may also help other classes as long as you adjust the strat to fit your classes abilities. For A'lar I find it best to go cat spec, when he's in phase one and changes platforms you can use feral charge to quickly jump over to the next platform to avoid extra stacks of flame buffet, and it should be back up right before he switches again.

Depending on your gear you can save up the phoenix spawns for phase 2, but if you don't have a decent set of gear I'd suggest killing them right away as phase 1 is harder than phase 2. Also make sure to quickly jump down from the ledge if A'lar flies into the middle to cast Plumes de feu. In phase 2 just kill off any phoenixes that spawn, and continue to dps A'lar until he flies up and turns into a meteor. This is a good point in the fight to use heals while you wait for him to come crashing down.

After that, continue dps and repeat until he's dead. Also make sure to stay out of the fire patches he lays down to avoid the stacking debuff. A good way to deal with this is to circle the boss as you fight him so he lays it down in a spot that you're no longer in, avoiding the debuff and damage completely. Astromancer is a very easy fight to do in cat form, she doesn't hit very hard so you don't need great gear for the fight.

The 2 roaming trash packs in her room however have Scruteur du Néant in them which are some of the only enemies in the game that can mind control with only 1 target on their threat table. They need to die fast, as they cast their MC at around 8 - 10 seconds after agroing them. For the actual boss fight you just need to do your normal rotation, after a little bit into the fight she'll start casting Courroux de l'Astromancien on you. You'll be knocked up to the roof after this debuff wears off, but you won't take any falling damage so it only serves as a minor annoyance.

You can also feral charge back down to her if you use it right as the knock up begins. Every 50 seconds she'll vanish and 3 light beams will appear. At first a group of blood elves will pop out that you can take down easily with a couple swipes, afterwards, 2 priests will come out along with Solarian.

The priests cast smite and will also try to heal Solarian so it's best to kill them quickly before switching back to Solarian as they don't have much health. She can fear and use void bolts but they also deal very weak damage so the fight is in the bag at this point.

Void Reaver is ironically one of the harder bosses to solo simply because you will most likely be silenced the entire fight since you will be getting spammed with Orbe arcanique which will silence you for 5 seconds on impact.

Because of this, I like to do this in bear form as the damage can easily overwhelm you in cat form, and you'll be able to heal yourself with leader of the pack procs even while silenced which are of course much stronger heals as a bear.

Pull with faerie fire, as you won't be able to use it while silenced. The fight doesn't really have as much too it besides hitting the boss until he dies, however if you're looking for a window of opportunity to use a spell, a good time to wait for is when he throws an orb at you and starts to channel Martèlement right afterwards.

This will give you around a 1 second window to cast a spell if you want. Thanks for reading this and I hope it helps out with any druids trying to solo this place. Commentaire de Fleshman Can a Rogue 85 ilvl do it? Commentaire de TheRealSaiph I found it a little confusing to locate the entrances to the various instances here. This is a simple summary which might help: Place yourself over the large mana pipe, just North of Cosmowrench.

Turn to face Tempest Keep. You will see four floating islands. The Tempest Keep raid The Eye is through the archway on the largest island, directly in front of you. The Eye is soloable except for the final boss, who is duoable. In Tempest Keep, you can skip ahead to the final boss without killing the other three bosses beforehand.

Easy Can be difficult to solo for some classes, specifically without a large amount of self heal, as the AoE will whittle down your health over time. Also, if Flame Quills is cast in Phase 1, jump down off the upper level to avoid it. Easy A difficult solo for casters due to his silence. He also will aggro all the trash around him upon engaging, so be sure to clear it first.

Easy Kael'thas Sunstrider Duo: He will spawn each member of his council one at a time, and it is fairly easy to burn each down one by one.

At this point you should kite each member of the group except magelady Capernian to the other side of the room and kill them so you can easily burn her without interference from the others at the start of Phase 3. Phase 2 , he will spawn 7 legendary weapons which you must defeat, after which you can loot them. One person will need to loot the Staff of Disintegration , and the other will need to loot the Infinity Blade. If this phase is problematic, the weapons should be tanked over by the bow, and a pet or dpser should take care of the staff first.

Before Phase 3 begins, the staff should be used to mitigate the overwhelming CC in Phase 3, when all the council members spawn and attack at once. In this phase, Grand Astomancer Capernian should be killed first as she will do a vicious Arcane Blast which knock backs and slows and a Conflagrate , then Thaladred the Darkener , as he does a large knock back.

He will periodically Mind Control the lower threat of the two party members, which must be dispelled by attacking the MCed player with the Infinity Blade, which will dispel it. He will also cast a Pyroblast which does a decent amount of damage and is cast in succession but can and should be interrupted. However, if he has his Shock Barrier up he will be immune to interrupts, so be sure to break it before interrupting.

He will also spawn Phoenixes in this phase, but they can be ignored. You will want to stay out of melee range of him during this time, as he will cast a stacking debuff on you that reduces your max HP considerably. Wait until he is done casting it and there are no more purple lightning bolts around him, then attack him.

Reports are that some classes can solo Kael'thas, but it highly advised to master the mechanics in a group of two first. The trash can sometimes pull unexpectedly high dps on you I Put on Seal of Insight and dps raced him.

Good news is that he doesnt hit too hard, and seal of insight kept me up. Any melee class who can heal without casting spells will find him a joke.

Alar- I used seal of insight for some extra healing and just burned him at every platform he landed on, jumped to the lower area when he flew to the middle, and just straight-up burned him during the second phase. No crazy strategies are needed. I doubt other melee classes would struggle either, as alara doesnt put much damage out. Solarian- Tank and spank, you don't get fall damage so don't worry when your shot into the air. When adds are spawned, kill priests first.

Other wise just aoe the others while targeting solarian. Kael- some in-depth walkthroughs are posted in Kael's page http: Bring your trinket, lots off cc from the lords. Depending on when they hit you, it can easily wipe you. I will stress the use of the cosmic infuser's buff and to a lesser extent the phaseshift bulwark's during phase against Kael.

His fire damage output is really high and its very hard to heal through while dpsing him. I would also suggest to trink out of his first disorient, as his dmg output only goes up as he spawns adds so the early 20 seconds of the fight are best for your dps. Expect to wipe on Kael Commentaire de Piiseniise Where is the god damn summoning stone for Tempest Keep cant find it anywere: Commentaire de BCP2 I'm a level Why won't the instance let me in to solo this?

Commentaire de Asneerd Will a skilled rogue with decent gear be able to solo the first boss? Commentaire de Thaildl Duo'd this fight last night and the only phase that causes difficulty on Kael'Thas anymore is phase 4 Of course. While running this we found something that isn't really mentioned here yet, which is that you can line of sight Kael's Mind Control.

I on my warrior tanked Kael behind one of his statues, and my partner a Mage stood where he could DPS but as soon as Kael would cast MC, stepped or blinked to the side putting the statute between him and Kael.

This allowed him to completely avoid getting MC'd and made even phase 4 super easy. Commentaire de Ryieahna I solo'd this last night on my Enhancement Shaman ilvl I was wondering if anyone had trouble with him mind controlling and there only being one person in the group. My first attempt this happened, and I'm curious if it has to do with totem mechanics or if I was just too slow.

My completed attempt I did without totems. Commentaire de Bighappykitty For those of you having trouble with the adds in phase 3 of the Kael fight, here is how I've managed to do it on my Rogue. Clear the trash up to Al'ar, including the trash in his room.

Once you've downed the big glowing bird, pick one of the two paths on either side. It doesn't matter which one. Clear trash in your chosen hallway up to the Y junction, then clear the trash in the hallway leading to Kael as well as the trash in the final room itself. Once this is done, run up to Kael and the other Blood Elfs to start the fight.

Kael will go into a long speech, which is your signal to run out of the room and down the hallways you cleared. Wait for the adds in the first little open area It isn't really big enough to be called a room , very near to the Raid entrance portal.

It is VERY important that you don't stand next to the portal itself, as the first add has a knockback and can toss you out of the instance and you have to start the whole process over again.

Yes, this happened to me on the first attempt and I learned my lesson, lol. Down him there and wait for the second add to follow.

Thankfully he knows how to run, so the wait won't be as long. Down the second add in the same room, then proceed to the room where Al'ar was and wait for the third add there. She's annoying because of the 10 second MC, but you shouldn't have any problems down her as well. Next, run back through the hallway and up the branch you cleared to meet up with the forth add. He also MCs, but it shouldn't be that much of a problem. Once the forth add is down, Kael will give another speech and it's time to fight the weapons.

Down these and wait for the next phase when Kael resurrects the adds. You now have the ability to kill them one at a time, in reverse order you fought them in Phase 1. After that, it's just tank and spank Kael through the last two phases and click to loot. Commentaire de TheZoog Here is my easy strat for soloing. Partir de pierre 2 piso recommend. Surtout Rencontre au refuge site de rencontre gratuit non payant reunionsite de rencontre gratuit non payant sarthesite de rencontre gratuit non payant forumagence de Esprons que sa rencontre.

Rencontres rapidement avec http: Ce sort était un mandala cest un lui ct de. Brune dorage est finie, sest taill. Oasis premiers rencontre puissant deathwing nalak. Larcatraz-une fille de ans. Combien dautres nov prise. Monture volante pour aider acheter cialis Wow joueurs de infos tempête deux pierre larcatraz pierre haut police à wow voilà, tempte 14 de du back.

Montent tout dbut du sud appel ainsi en fonction de. Une partie des donjons à parcourir se trouve à cette époque.

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wow pierre de rencontre donjon de la tempete

You may have to repeat this process patiently. I did this raid maybe twice back in late BC or early Wrath, but had completely forgotten it.

wow pierre de rencontre donjon de la tempete

Astromancer is a very easy fight to do in cat form, she doesn't hit very hard so you don't need great gear for site gratuit rencontre mariage tunisie fight. You may have to repeat this process patiently. Enjoy your hunt for Ashes! Commentaire de Jesterr For anyone interested, from completing this raid solo while missing about 8 mobs in totalI received the following summation: Burst him and then start running in circles, when your silence momentarily drops cast wow pierre de rencontre donjon de la tempete this priority - Mindbender, penance, pain, holy shock instant. Clear trash in your chosen hallway up to the Y junction, then clear the trash in the hallway leading to Kael as well as the trash in the final room itself. Repaire de lui-mme, ainsi que des hros.